The philosophy

A fashion workshop where every man and every woman can find a personal style, an outfit that is a reflection of their desires and their needs. A suit is the mirror of our identity, the first reflection of our being, it presents a first appearance. It is that subtle play between being and appearing, source of symbols and a fond reminder of those who love a unique and exclusive style. It is giving touself a personal style that takes account of the uniqueness and difference of every human being. A designer suit created by your own rhythms and needs, a fashion concept that adapts to the personality and character of the customer. A personal reworking of the fashion concept thanks to the skill of master craftsmen who know how to select the best fabrics, how to attend to every detail and how to bring together great experience and the craftsmanship of the outfit. A suit that lives with the wearer.

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"Love for well made things", a natural inclination towards Beauty and every expression of what is beautiful. Love for harmony and colour. A tradition to be handed down to the next generation. This is the spirit that inspires the actions of LUCA RAPONI, the rational heart of the company. "I spent my chilhood amongst scissor and cloth remnants and what was obvious to me became a passion. At Trea, we love what we do. Every grament for us is unioque and we're a long way from mass production. We try to place a great tradition of craftmanship alongside new technology, but we stay anchored to the made-to-measure suit". Luca Raponi docet.

Confezioni Trea

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Sartoria Sammarco

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